Thursday, August 5, 2010

Detox Cleanse

Motive: Clean out my system and tame my cravings... after 20 days of family dinners :: Montreal baking and Alberta BBQ's my jeans are all a wee bit tight!
Plan : Eat only fresh fruits and Vegitables, drink plenty water and herbal Teas, do salt water flushes, steam/sauna contrast therapy and plenty of yoga. Daily Pranayama and Kriyas.

Detox day 1: Well for a chocolate, honey, pie addict like myself day one is as close to hell as I care to get. The withdrawal headaches were pretty intense and emence stomach pain and bloating were shall we say .... not comfortable. Started the detox on my day off, wise decision!
How did I get through: Plenty of sweet fruits , mango, watermelon, apples and bannana. An afternoon steam/ sauna contrast therapy session which is staying in the heat ( sauna or steam ) as long as you can then taking a cold shower for as long as you can... going back and forth between hot and cold as many times as you can.
Morning : fruit and tea of fresh mint and ginger .
Juiced in the afternoon : apple, carrot, beet, ginger , celery, kale , lemon and salt. Salt is key to cut the bitterness of the greens.
Evening soup : boiled garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoe, celery, kale, swish chard, oregano, cayane pepper and Himalayan salt then blended it with my hand blender.
Snacked : fruit and veggis.
Went to bed feeling like crap but woke in the morning rested and headache free.
Yoga: Pranayama prep and kabula buti, gental short asana practice... glad I didn't teach because I wouldn't have the energy or concentration.
note: the more often you cleanse or the healthier you live the easier the detox is... people who have more toxins in their systems will have flu like symptom and discomfort for at least the first three days. But as the toxins leave your system you will start to feel better and better.

Detox Day 2: Woke up feeling much better :: THANK GOD! But did notice I was a little light headed and slow through out the day... forgot little things like the toilet paper I bought at the supermarket and the collars for the dogs when I walked them. Was late for a class at the senior center which is VERY RARE ... so all in all I felt ok but not quite myself. A little cloudy :)
Morning : fruit and fresh mint and ginger tea.
Afternoon juice : Apple, carrot, celery, garlic, cucumber, kale, lemon and salt...made 2 maison jars for the whole afternoon.
Evening Soup : leftovers from day 1.
Yoga : Pranayama prep and kabula buti in the morning and in the afternoon I had a intense asana practice.. worked hard to induce a sweat, lots of sun salutations, standing poses and back bends.
note: was tired by the end of the day but starting to feel good... less bloating and only a slight headache at points during my day. Had a good sleep wolk up rested.

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