Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 3 Detox Cleanse

Detox day 3 : Woke up feeling great ... still the odd headache and a bit of "cleanse fog " throughout the day but all in all amazing and tones of energy . Top tip:: have plenty of cleanse friendly food on hand.... so you don't get tempted :)
Morning: Fruit and mint, ginger, hibiscus and rose-hip tea
Afternoon : Mixed salad with avo dressing :: mash avocado, lemon and / or juice with zest. chopped garlic, grated ginger and Himalayan salt... mix into salad for a creamy cleanse friendly treat.
Evening juiced : Apple, beet, celery, ginger, garlic, kale, carrot, mustard greens, lemon juice and salt.
Snack: Fruits and veggis.
Yoga: Pranayama prep, Kapalabhati, Nauli and salt water flush kriyas in the morning followed by a strong yoga class in the afternoon focusing on twists and back-bends.
Salt water flush : In the morning on an empty stomach drink 1 -2 liters warm salt water... approximately a table spoon of salt per liter. It will take between 1 -2 uncomfortable hours to kick in and then you can expect to be off and on the toilet for approximately an hour so plan you timing accordingly. Twists and forward folds seem to help speed up the process. An essential part of cleansing is to rid the body of toxins... this kriya cleanses the digestive track of blockages or accumulated gasses and toxins. If salt water flushing is not at all an opion try a natural laxative tea such as Seena leaf instead.
Note: When detoxing stool is not its usual self so don't be shocked by odd colours, serious running stool or frequent trips to the toilet.... it is all par for coarse to get the junk out of your system

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