Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold Kicker :: When you feel your body fighting something.

This is my version of healthy neo-citron.... it has yet to not work for me.
If you know you are fighting a bug that you want to kick...
Mix up a huge pot of this drink, have as hot a bath as you can handle with epsom salts , crank the heat up in your bedroom and spend the day resting in bed. Consume plenty of the cold kicker, and herbal tea and water but no other foods for 24 hours.

Ingredient ::
juice 4 - 5 lemons including zest
plenty of ginger
garlic ( changes the flavor) some people prefer to take the garlic like tablets with water.
dash cayenne pepper ( go easy...)
honey to taste

Directions ::
Bring ingredient to boil with water in large soup pot
simmer for 10 - 15 min

Top tip ::
If the acidity of the lemon bothers your teeth rinse your mouth with milk to neutralize the acid.
NEVER brush your teeth directly after acidic foods.... brushing + acid will destroy teethes natural enamel

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  1. Awesome, Aj and I have been doing this for years, it totally works...hope your not fighting anything though, you have got a BIG trip right ahead, have soooo much fun! U deserve it!